Renaissance Woman Book

Release Date: February 6, 2015 
Pages: 134
Price: $29 
ISBN Nr.: 978-1-77204-028-9 


Fabienne Slama is a writer, a beauty digger, a sculptor and the revealer of the intrinsic beauty of women. She became a certified Core Energy Coach and an Emotional Healing therapist to help men and women release emotional trauma and move on after a life transition. 

Her journey started after her own midlife crisis. After few years struggling with depression that ended up in her husband moving out, she decided that it was time to live her childhood dream. She wanted to help others physically and emotionally. Fabienne had been a biochemist in France hoping to cure major illnesses and a journalist to share her knowledge. Moving to the US in 1996, she became a mom and internationally recognized artist celebrating woman beauty by creating sensuous bronze sculptures. Her becoming a Coach, an Author, a Speaker and creating her company Path to Perfect Self represents a return to her first love of being a healer. 

Today she is a true Renaissance woman sharing her time between the Art and the Science of coaching. As so, she helps women to move smoothly through their own feminine midlife crisis, going from feeling that they lost their identity to become whom they want to be and achieve their dream life. 

I am tall, sassy, strong, vulnerable.
I am a mom, a daughter and a sister. 
I am a woman. I am me. 
I get to be me for the very first time in my life and I love this Perfect Self who was in me all this time.
I just had to rediscover it.
Today, I want to take you on this same path to rediscover your perfect self.
Because you deserve it.
Because you are perfect the way you are.
Because you are you.

Renaissance Woman by Fabienne Slama - Publisher Black Card Books
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